“This is world fusion at its best”
– Whole Note Magazine, ‘DoVira’ Album Review
“A unique sonic tapestry” 
– Tracy Jenkins, Lula Lounge & Lula Music
“Timeless traditions, with contemporary styles, arrangements and ideas” 
– Jonathan Campbell, Aga Khan Museum & SoFar Sounds

DoVira [do-VEE-ruh] is a Canadian ethno-electro world fusion group that integrates Eastern European folk music with contemporary arrangements, electronic textures, and music influences from around the world.

DoVira, which translates to “trust” in Ukrainian, is fronted by Ukrainian-born vocalist/keyboardist/composer Stacey Yerofeyeva, as well as Patrick O’Reilly (Language Arts, D’bi & the 333) on guitars/effects/synths, Mike Romaniak on sopilka (Ukrainian flute instrument), as well as various guest performers, including Derek Gray (Ventanas/Georgian Bay), renowned Sudanese multi-instrumentalist Waleed Abdulhamid, Juno-award winning tabla virtuoso Ed Hanley (Autorickshaw), woodwind master Ernie Tollar (Tasa), Georgian polyphony specialist Andrea Kuzmich (Darbazi, ZARI), Max Senitt (Alex Cuba, Hilario Duran), and more.

DoVira has two releases out. Their first EP “Obrys” (or “Outline'”) featured remastered versions of their successful debut singles, popular on YouTube due to the originality in arrangement of the well known folk songs. DoVira’s second release was their full-length self-titled album “DoVira”, which highlighted nine exceptional world music guest artists, and was coined ‘world fusion at its best’ by Whole Note Magazine.

Currently, DoVira is creating an electronic trio show, featuring Stacey Y on vocals & effects, Mike Romaniak on live looping, and Patrick O’Reilly (D’bi & the 333) on analog synthesizers and processing. The project, originally known as #balkanelectroexperiement is inspired by Canadian nature, and original writing based on ancient Balkan folk material.

Nov 13-15 – Mundial (Montreal) 
Dec 12 5pm, Dec 15 & 16 12pm – Aga Khan Museum (Pop Up Shows)